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------Art path of Hunter's Valley

Open Valley Studio

The Open Valley Studio is a non-profit organisation that consists of a varying number of creative intellectuals with the epicentre in Kütiorg, former summer studio of Valdur and Eetla Ohakas. The organisation is headed by Hasso Krull, Peeter Laurits, Leelo Laurits and Anneli Ehlvest, advised by Anke Mellin. 

The Open Valley Studio attempts to combine Bronze Age and post-industrial principles and serve the interests of natural environment. In our choice of art projects curated from Kütiorg we rely on the principle of specificity of location. We prefer authors and ideas that get their inspiration from the local environment and heritage and/or address it directly. There are no restrictions concerning different fields of activity. Our work on the crossroads of nature and culture has proceeded rhizome-like, activating the points of contacts between music, literature, applied arts as well as science.

We began establishing the land art path in 1999 and new works of art now appear in the course of regular international symposia. However, we do not offer catering, accommodation or any guide services. The Open Valley Studio is not a tourist attraction but a working area that values its solitude – a studio! 

Unannounced visits tend to disturb work, therefore we kindly ask you to phone in advance should you wish to stop by.
78 29 210
50 963 12 or
52 422 69.

We offer a cybernetic insight into the Open Valley Studio at