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------Art path of Hunter's Valley

Oak Circle

1.3 km north-east from the sculpture “Beast” on top of the eastern slope, lie two cultural monuments – Ilmamägi (Weather Hill) and Tammetsõõr (Oak Circle).
Tammetsõõr – a circle with the diameter of 13 m of nearly 200-year-old oak trees – lies on the north-western foot of Ilmamägi. The gap between the trees on the west side is called a gate. A wider gap resembling a gate between trees can be seen also on the eastern side, although this is narrower than the west gap. A low wall surrounds the oaks, probably remains of some sort of fence.

Hiietammik, tõivatammik (sacred grove of oaks, oaks of pledged sacrifice) – these are the names our ancestors called their sacred places. People come here when they are clean, after the sauna. They talk quietly. They see visions, get well, become reconciled with forest. Tammetsõõr consists of Ilmamägi, Ilmamägi spring, Anikese puddle and a smoke sauna. These places were and are the bonds with nature that provides vitality to man. People have considered such locations sacred for more than 5000 years.

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