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------Art path of Hunter's Valley


From Võru drive 12 km in the direction of Vastseliina. Turn left before the Tootsi bus stop and carry on 2.7 km along the gravel road to the Kütiorg Leisure Centre.

You can leave the car in the car park where the land art path starts and then winds around the western slope of the Leisure Centre into steeper ravines. The path is marked with road signs.

The length of the path is 3.4 km, proceeding in a fairly steep and difficult landscape. The difference in height can be as much as 70 m. The hill slopes require sturdier footwear and suitable clothing.

Marked works of land art, installations and sculptural forms are placed along the path. See more about them on the present web page. You can search either by the artist’s name or click the orange points on the map of the path.

The works have been created in the valley since the first symposium in 1999 organised by the Kütiorg Open Studio.

Walking along the path please keep in mind that this is a nature reserve and cultivated heritage landscape. Do not step on a frog or trample the hay. We ask you to respect the silence and purity of the forest. Any music should come from your earphones and you must take your rubbish with you. North of the ski lifts is a nature protection zone where human activity is forbidden.



while a drunk in the gutter
is an implication of nature
in yourself

the nature art trail
of kütiorg
goads you in the opposite direction

very many
are surprised by the fact
that there is some nature
also outside

up in the sky
and at a distance
the alders becoming bracken
and the lake turning into a swamp

without the need to
open the blood circulation
they affect the strings of your heart


Published in 3/2005
Translator Ants Pihlak
Editor of translation Paul Rodgers