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------Art path of Hunter's Valley

Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo

Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo (Estonia)
The forest radio play:

Go to the forest.
Leave the car at least a few kilometres off.
Leave the plastic picnic table in the car, also the plastic chairs, plastic tablecloths, plastic plates and cups, plastic lemonade.
Leave the tape-recorder behind. No need to drag junk to the forest.
And of course rubbish. You better take that to the dump before.

Go to the forest, hands in pockets and dressed according to the weather. This is how it should be.

Go to the forest and embrace a tree, press your ear against it, closely-closely, and listen.
Try not to talk so much, listen instead.
Listen for once to what nature has to say.
What a spruce and a birch have to say.
Wind would be good, and storm even better.
Then the trees really talk.
Nothing remains unsaid.

Who considers pressing his ear to a tree unsanitary,
will find a few hearing aids attached to the trees.
Made of wood and painted red.
One ear to the stethoscope, the other squeezed shut by your finger.
So you can hear better.

Can you now listen to the forest and be there?