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------Art path of Hunter's Valley

Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers (England/Estonia)
Bird Box

A man sized Bird box with the silhouette of Peeter Laurits, the leader of the Open Valley Studio carved in the front of the box instead of the usual hole. The work was fixed approximately six metres high in a tree in a secluded area of the forest.

It seemed to me that this place was created for respite, for meditation to come to understand something more than just recreation before returning to urban experience. It also seems necessary to me that anything we put into such a place should be discrete and reflect how small we are when compared to such cosmic creation. I wanted my work to be a visual surprise along the way and it should be seen as a metaphor for seeking out our place in the world. Everyone, every creature needs a safe place from which to reflect on and contemplate the world, and from which we can go forth to take on the challenges that life has in store for us. I did think that the sculpture would remain simply visual but it was wonderful to know that Peeter actually went up into the box to experience it fully. In its newly created form, the clean colour of the wood presents a specific character that will improve with weathering and become a better part of the forest. Its lifetime will be decided by the forest itself and it is right that one day it will wither and rot away like the flora around it.