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------Art path of Hunter's Valley

Ko, Seung-Hyun

Ko, Seung-hyun (South-Korea)
Kütiorg Kayagum
(Reinstalled indoors, not exposed in public)

I like the living sounds of nature. Also here in the Kutiorg Valley area are so many living sounds. Many kind of birds whose names I do not know, also insects, wild plants and trees I find here. All the things breathe. Breathing sounds I feel through wind. The sounds of the forest alltogether are in harmony
I hope the Kayagum which I made here will be played by Estonians. The Kayagum has a 2000 years history. The Kaya lived long ago in the South Sea area in Korea. The king of the Kaya nation loved music. He himself made music and also sang songs. Someone made this special instrument for the king, which was the first Kayagum. Through 2000 years until now it is loved by Korean people. Traditionally Kayagums have 12 silk strings and the body is made out of special wood. I do not like to follow the tradition of making the instrument. Original instruments are made from Korean material. I am interested to use the material which is available in the different countries. I try to follow nature`s conditions.
Thirty years ago in Korea almost all mountains and rivers where very clear and beautiful. We had clearly four different seasons. Since than the economy is going up and nature is going down. Everywhere factories are built, so one does not find empty places anymore and almost all people are living far from nature. 25 years ago my work reacted to he situation at this time. Now I react to the recent situation.
The sound of the Kayagum is not loud but I hope that everybody gets strong living messages from nature.