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S333 CV

1984        BArch, University of Auckland School of
Architecture, NZ
1993        Royal Institute of British Architects, corporate member, UK
1997        Licensed architect Stichting Bureau
Architectenregister, NL
S333 Architecture + Urbanism

Overtoom 197, 1054 HT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
t: 00 31 (0)20 412 4194 f: 00 31 (0)20 412 4187

Studio Profile

S333 have been recognised internationally for delivering design excellence and innovation to the field of mixed use and mixed tenure development.

The studio’s first completed project, a mixed use housing project in Groningen, the Netherlands was short listed for the 2003 Mies van der Rohe Award for Contemporary European Architecture and was a finalist for the acclaimed AM NAi Prize for the Best Building by Young Architects in the Netherlands between 2003 and 2004.

S333 were finalists in the 2005 Next Generation Award, a new initiative from Pipers and the London Architecture Foundation aimed at providing a platform for young architects who, given the chance, “could make an exceptional contribution to the future of commercial architecture in the UK”.

Success in international competitions has played a key role in winning contracts and focusing attention on the office. Most notably, S333 has won two Europan international housing competitions: Europan 3 in Groningen, the Netherlands in 1994 and Europan 4 in Manchester, England in 1996. In 2003 S333 were announced joint winners for the redevelopment of Kipsala, 120-hectare island in the centre of Riga, Latvia and in 2004 the studio won an open competition for a 17-hectare waterfront development in the centre of Bergen, Norway.

Having established considerable experience over the last 10 years on a variety of international projects, S333 now provide clients and stakeholders with a unique range of multi-disciplinary services, specialist advice and management skills focusing in particular on large scale, urban sites. The studio is currently engaged on projects in the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Norway and Belgium. In response to a growing number of new projects in the United Kingdom, S333 will open a studio in London in 2005.

Work Method

Four directors lead S333: Burton Hamfelt (Canada), Christopher Moller (New Zealand), Dominic Papa (England) and Jonathan Woodroffe (England). Their commitment to design excellence is shared by support administration and a talented, multi-national team of architects and urban designers with widely ranging skills, interests and market experience.

Design teams, led by the directors, are formed per project to oversee each phase of the design process. On a regular basis, the directors review all projects collectively. A network of consultants and specialist technical design advisers who have worked with the office over several years supports the design teams. This method enables the studio to be flexible, creative and most of all, ready to meet the unique demands of each commission. As a result the studio’s projects do not impose a ‘house style’ but rather a consistent approach developed through analysis of the client’s needs, the context, the environment and end-user requirements. The philosophy of team building inside and outside the office is also seen as being a key ingredient throughout all stages of the projects. The close collaboration with clients and consultants produces results that usually exceed initial client expectations, while ensuring that each project is delivered on time and in budget.

Our Approach

Housing and urbanism is our core business. We believe that the global phenomenon of rapid urbanization is throwing into question conventional urban design solutions. New design tools and strategies are necessary. Our central objective is to define innovative strategies of physical intervention and design that are capable of responding to this change and we have entered this area as a multi-disciplinary organization, combining solutions drawn from architecture, urbanism and landscape design.

Urbanism is a central component to our portfolio and we take the multiplicity of urban scales as a starting point in our design and reasoning. Faced with intensifying urban challenges and conflicts, we aim towards discovering spatial solutions that allow the development process to move forward, rather than the ‘erase and replace’ approach. We also search for genuine solutions for each location, as opposed to relying on a single formal language.

Housing is a key element of urbanism and a major factor in the rethinking of spatiality, density, and new patterns of living and working. Housing is therefore important for us, not just for its design aspects but also because of its complex identity as shelter, commodity, status, political tool and element of the urban fabric.

We are convinced that in today’s cities, architectural and urbanistic approaches need to be more flexible and more strategic. Each project is therefore assessed during the design process on how well it works, how well it looks and how well it contributes to its surroundings – economically, socially, environmentally and spatially. The demands and requirements for buildings are very different to those required for urban planning and landscape design. However, because we believe that buildings have to ‘work harder’ in order to succeed, our architectural projects are often informed by all these disciplines, strategically linking context, program and space. The result of this approach not only resolves the architectural concerns but also the broader planning, environmental and infrastructural issues delivering an integrated, coherent whole.


Burton Hamfelt

Born: 1964 Montreal, Canada

Qualifications: BArch SBA
1991        BArch, University of Toronto, CAN
Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.
1997        Licensed architect Stichting Bureau
Architectenregister, NL
2001        Elected member, commission for “Welstand en Monumenten’ and Quality Team “Parkstad,” Amsterdam, NL

Previous Professional Experience: Bruce Mau Design and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto, Neutelings Reijdijk in Rotterdam and Xaveer de Geyter Architects in Antwerp.

Teaching Experience:
Presently teaching at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam and the Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam. With previous experience as adjunct assistant professor with the University of Toronto, Global Architecture Program, professor at Hoger Instituut St Lucas in Gent, visiting teacher/critic at the Architectural Association in London.

Christopher Moller

Born: 1961 Wellington, New Zealand

Qualifications: BArch RIBA SBA

1984        BArch, University of Auckland School of
Architecture, NZ
1993        Royal Institute of British Architects, corporate member, UK
1997        Licensed architect Stichting Bureau
Architectenregister, NL

Previous Professional Experience:
Farnham St. Architects and Engineers in Auckland, Craig Craig Moller Architects in Wellington, Terry Farrell and Company in London and as a senior urbanist at Urban Design Department, Groningen city council.

Additional Experience:
Currently member of the Platform Gras ‘Think Tank’ to inform urban and architectural issues in Groningen.
Europan International Juror in the UK 2001 + Portugal 2003 Design tutor for 6 years at the Housing and Urbanism Post Graduate unit at the Architectural Association in London. Academie’s in Groningen and Tilburg.
Secretary and member of the Architecture Centre focused on changing urban policy, retention of important buildings and urban fabric in Wellington NZ

Dominic Papa

Born: 1965 London, England

Qualifications: BA (Hons) AA Dipl. SBA

1986        BA (Hons), University of Portsmouth School
of Architecture, UK
1991        AA Dipl, Architectural Association, London, UK
2001        Licensed architect Stichting Bureau
Architectenregister, NL

Previous Professional Experience:
Terry Farrell and Company in London and Wiel Arets Architects & Associates in Maastricht.

Teaching Experience:
Presently design tutor at the Housing and Urbanism Post Graduate unit at the Architectural Association in London. With previous experience as Unit Master for 4 years at the Architectural Association and teacher at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Tilburg.

Jonathan Woodroffe

Born: 1964 London, England

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA SBA


1986        BA (Hons), University of Portsmouth School
of Architecture, UK
1989        Dip Arch, University of Portsmouth School
of Architecture, UK
1997        Licensed architect Stichting Bureau
Architectenregister, NL
2000        Royal Institute of British Architects, corporate
member, UK

Previous Professional Experience:
The Architects Collaborative in Boston, Gensler Associates in New York, Wilkinson Eyre in London and Neutelings Reidijk in Rotterdam.

Teaching Experience:
Unit Master for 4 years at the Architectural Association in London with previous experience as teacher with the Academie van Bouwkunst in Tilburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Technical University of Delft and guest critic at the Berlage Instituut in Amsterdam.

Client List

Aga Kahn Trust for Culture and the City of Samarkand, CIS
Amstelland Ontwikkeling Wonen BV, Amsterdam, NL
Beleggingsmij J. Bakker B.V., Zaandam, NL
Bergen City Council, Norway
Blauwhoed, Rotterdam, NL
Bouwbedrijf Moes B.V., Zwolle, NL
De Woonmaatschappij, Hoofdorp, NL
Dura Bouw Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL
Fashion Street Regeneration Ltd. London, UK
Gemeente Amsterdam, NL
Gemeente Groningen, NL
Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, NL
Gemeente Hengelo, NL
Gemeente Nieuwegein, NL
Gemeente Rotterdam, NL
Gemeente Zaanstad, NL
Heart of Thames Gateway Partnership, London, UK
Het Oosten, Amsterdam, NL
ING Vastgoed, Den Haag, NL
JTC Corporation, Singapore
Kristal NV, NL
London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
MAB, Den Haag, NL
Melview Developments Ltd. Auckland, NZ
Norwegian Housing Bank, Norway
Oldham MBC, UK
Regional Opleiding Center van Amsterdan, Amsterdam, NL
Rotterdam 2001/WaterCie, Rotterdam, NL
Toynbee Housing Association, London, UK
Urban Splash Developments, Manchester, UK
Wilma Bouw, Groningen, NL
ZVH Housing Association, Zaandam, NL


2004        Short listed for AM/NAi Award
2004        Short listed RIBA Awards, UK
2004        First Prize, for a 17 hectare waterfront development in the centre of Bergen, Norway.
2003        First Prize, for the redevelopment of Kipsala, 120 hectare island in the center of Riga, Latvia
2002        First Prize, The Best Building of the Year in Groningen, NL
2000        First Prize, Living in the Year 2000, Grenoble, F
2000        First Prize, Anglo-Dutch Awards For Enterprise,
2000        First Prize, Regeneration Tarling Estate, Tower
Hamlets, London, UK
1999        Short listed, Young Architects of the Year, UK
1998        First Prize, Vinex Housing, Vijfhuizen, NL
1996        First Prize, Europan 4 housing competition,
Manchester, UK
1994        First Prize, Europan 3 housing competition,
Groningen, NL
1993        National Design Award for urban design,
Karlsruhe, D
1991        First Prize, Urban Revitalisation, Samarkand,
Uzbekistan, CIS

Selected Publications

2004        Fresher Facts, December
2004        Stavba, July
2004        Housing Today, May
2004        Nederlands Architectuur Jaarboek
2004        A+U, April
2003        Archis nr. 6
2003        A+T
2003        Azure
2003        Man, Nov/Dec
2003        De Architect, september
2003        AMC, September
2003        BD, July 11th issue
2003        Bauwelt, 26/03
2003        Nederlands Architectuur Jaarboek
2003        De Architect, May
2003        Icon, no: 2
2003        Quaderns no: 237
2003        Hout in de Bouw, Jan no. 1/03
2002        A+T 19
2002        Home, Vol.06, june
2002        Panorama, may
2002        Ville Giardini, n° 377
2002        Architectural Design, vol. 72, January
2001        AMC, December
2001        New Architects 2
2001        Wired No.9.02
2001        De Architect, may
2001        De Architect, Jan
2000        A+T 16
2000        l'ARCA n°153
2000        Quaderns 227
2000        City Levels
2000        Breathing Cities
2000        VilleGiardini n° 363
2000        Building n° 36, september
2000        Topos 30
2000        De Architect, january
2000        De Architect, march
1999        Spazio e Societa, october
1999        Trace: “Trois”, september
1998        Blauwkamer, august
1998        BluePrint, july
1998        Architect’s Journal, april
1996        Arch +. n°133
1996        Architectural Design. Profile n°122
1995        Span. n°2, september

Selected Exhibitions

2004        “Fresher Facts”
Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, NL
2004        “Lille, Metropolis in Europe”
                Euralille, Lille, F
2004        “Architectuur in Nederland 2003>4”
                Stedelijke Museum Zutphen, Zutphen NL
2004        ‘Elite van Morgen’,
ARCAM, Amsterdam NL
2003        Mies Van de Rohe Award 2003
Collegi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya, Barcelona, E
2003        Architecture on the Move
Architecture Biennale, NAI, Rotterdam, NL
2002        Model Housing, from Mobile Home to Country House
                RIBA, London, UK
2002        Villes et Mobilités.
Institut Pour La Ville en Mouvement, Paris, F
2002        Commitment,
                Las Palmas, Rotterdam, NL
2001        Space Invaders
Experimenta 2001, Lisbon, P (travelling exhibition)
2000        Living in the Year 2000
Arc en Rêve gallery, Bordeaux, F
2000        Remaking NL
Nederlands Pavilion, Hannover Expo 2000, D
1999        Young Architects of the Year
Design Museum en RIBA, London, UK
1997        Europan 4 UK
Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
1996        Architecture on the Horizon
“AD” exhibition, RIBA, Florence Gallery, London, UK
1996        Constructing the Town Upon the Town - Europan 4
Gallery 1999, Glasgow, UK
1995        At Home in the City - Europan 3
NAI, Rotterdam, NL

Selected Lectures

2004        Forming new landscapes, ETH Zurich, CZ
2004        Built Work, Berlage, NL
2003        Recent Work, Lubljana, Slovenia
2003        Podium for Architecture Haarlemmermeer, Hoofddorp, NL
2003        Riga, Latvia
2003        Oslo, Norway
2002        Group Form
                RIBA, London, UK
2002        Working Forms and Other Combinations
Dalhousie University School of Architecture,
                Halifax, CAN,
2002        University of Toronto, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, Toronto, CAN
2001        Outside the Square
Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Sydney, AU
2000        Working Forms and Other Combinations
Zagreb Architects Association, CRO
1999        Recent Work
Cornell University Program in Rome, Rome, I
1999        Recent Work
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, US
1999        Working Forms
University of Lausanne, CH
1998        Reality Check
DeSingel, Antwerp, B
1998        “...and other combinations”
ISATU, Berlin, D
1997        Exploring NewHolland
Architectural Association, London, UK
1996        Recent Work
RIBA, London, UK
1996        Full/Empty City
Academie van architectuur, Antwerp, B

Selected Workshops Conferences

2004        City on the Move Seminar, (Peugeot Citroën)
Wuhan + Shanghai, China
2004        Thurrock: A Visionary Brief in the Thames Gateway
                London, UK
2002        Kings Cross
        London, GB
2002        City Design + Regeneration Urban Design Seminar, London, UK
2002        European Seminar on Young Architects
Antwerp, B
2002        Forum for European Architecture
                Porto, P
2000        Vision/Revision
Wellington, Town Hall, Wellington, NZ
2000        Europe Architects’ Forum
Venice, I
1996        Free Fall Atlas - 21 Vertical Sections of Aarhus
Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus, DK
1994        Stadt Wuste Land
International Workshop for City Planning and
Landscape Architecture, Senftenburg, D

Selected Projects: Housing

Tarling Estate, Shadwell, London, UK
Design: 2003   Completion: 2006
1.0 hectare site, 211 dwellings, community center and retail
In collaboration with Stock Woolstencroft Architects, London.
Client: Toynbee Housing Association, London
Building Costs: Euro 45.000.000,-
Block 7 + 9, Almere Centre, Almere, NL
Design: 2002   Completion: 2006
0.5 hectare site, 2000m2 shops, 48 dwellings
Client: Ontwikkellingscombinatie, Almere Hart CV.
Building Costs: Euro 9.400.000,-
Commercial Centre, Eschmarke, NL
Design: 2001 Completion: 2006
0.5 hectare site, 2200 m2 shops, 27 dwellings, 93 parking
Client: ING Vastgoed Ontwikkeling BV
Building Costs: Euro 5.100.000,-
Beaumont Quarter, Auckland, NZ
Design: 2001   Completion: 2005
0.5 hectare site, 19 row houses and 32 cliff dwellings
Client: Melview Developments Ltd.,
Building Costs: Euro 5.200.000,-
Bloembollenhof, Vijfhuizen, NL
Design 1998 Completion Phase 1 2003   Phase 2 2006
1.2 hectare site, 56 dwellings
Client: City Council Haarlemmermeer and Durabouw Amsterdam BV,
Building Costs: Euro 6,800,000
Schots 1 & 2, the CiBoGa terrain, Groningen, NL
Design: 1997 Completion: 2002
1.3 hectare site, 149 dwellings, 4500 m2 retail and commercial space, 300 underground parking places
Client: IMA Development Corporation,
Building Costs: Euro 25,000,000
52˚22’NB 4˚ 59’ OL, Steigereiland, Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2001, Invited competition.
5.4 hectare site, 500 dwellings, underground parking,
community center.
Client: Het Oosten Woning Corporatie,
Britannia Basin, Manchester, UK
Design: 1999
1.5 hectare site, 120 dwellings, 1100 m2 shops,
underground parking.
In collaboration with Ian Simpson Architects, Manchester.
Client: Urban Splash,
Housing Blocks, Hulme, Manchester, UK
Design: 1996
1.3 hectare site, 120 dwellings, street level parking
and shops. First prize, Europan 4 competition.
In collaboration with Juurlink en Geluk stedebouw
en landschap, Rotterdam.
Client: Hulme Regeneration Ltd.,

Selected Projects: Commercial & Public Buildings

Regional Opleiding Centrum (ROC) of Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2003
Urban / architectural study for a multi-functional ‘community college’ in the new development of the Zuid-As in Amsterdam
0.5 hectare site, 22.000 m2 Educational program, 8000 m2
shops, 240 underground parking places
Client: ROC of Amsterdam
Regional Opleiding Centrum (ROC) of Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2002
Urban / architectural study for a multi-functional ‘community college’ in Amsterdam Noord
1.1 hectare site, 25.000 m2 mixed use
Client: ROC of Amsterdam and Het Oosten
The Great Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt
Design: 2002
48 hectare site, 83.000 m2 exhibition program, administration and public event spaces
International competition
Client: Egyptian Government
Neals Yard Headquarters, Battersea, London, UK
Design: 2001
120m2 site, 1000 m2 warehouse and production space,
2000m2 offices.
Client: Fashion Street Regeneration Ltd.
Pavilion, Hengelo, NL
Design: 1999
150m2, cafe, public toilet facilities, market offices, bicycle
Limited invitation,
Client: City Council of Hengelo
Music and Arts Centre, Jyvaskyla, FIN
Design: 1997
0.5 hectare site, 8300 m2 of art museum space, concert hall, administration centre and public event spaces.
International competition,
Client: City of Jyvaskyla,
Redevelopment of Zaandam Rail Station Zaanstad, NL
Design: 1996, Feasibility study,
2 hectare site, 24000m2 office, 20,000m2 shops/leisure.
Client: City of Zaanstad
Museum Extension for the Prado Museum, Madrid, E
Design: 1995, International competition
5 hectare site, 25000m2 museum, administration and
transport facilities.
Client: Prado Museum

Selected Projects: Urbanism

“Luxopolis,” Luxembourg
Design: 2004
Limited urban design competition concerning the development potential of a new regional train station and gateway function to the city in order to create a new mixed use 120 ha urban quarter for Luxembourg south in Hollerich.
Client: City of Luxembourg
One north, Singapore
Design: 2004
Urban design commission centered around implementing urban design guidelines for 30 ha area for a new breed of science and technology park in Singapore
Client: JTC, Singapore
Coast Wise, Bergen Norway
Design: 2003 Framework Plan:2004
Urban vision plan for a 17 ha business and cultural facilities, university campus, park and residential accommodation. in collaboration with 3RW Arkitekter, Bergen
Client: City of Bergen
Riga Riverside, Riga, Lv
Design: 2003
First prize, International Competition in collaboration with American Construction Group, Riga
Site of 120 ha with program for Marina and conference facilities, university campus, office and living accommodation
Client: City of Riga
Eikenlaan, Groningen, NL
Design 2003-
Urban design study about the introduction of a new public tram route in an important traffic artery for the city of Groningen
Client: Municipality of Groningen
Oldham Vision Plan, Oldham, UK
Design: 2003-
Comprehensive urban strategy for an north English industrial city. In collaboration with Comedia and URBED, Manchester.
Client: Oldham MBC
Parkville Nieuwendam Noord, Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2002
20 hectare site, urban vision proposal for higher density in a post war housing area, 430 dwellings, 18,000m2 mixed use
Client: Het Oosten
Garden City World, London, UK
Design: 2002
80 hectare site, spatial design and urban regeneration strategy as part of the new Thames Gateway initiative in South Dagenham.
Client: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, and Heart of Thames Gateway Partnership
Green Square Town Centre, Sydney, AUS
Design: 2001
11.8 hectare site, mixed use urban intensification,
375,000m2 mixed use, 1000 parking spaces.
Invited competition with dKO+Sb Architecture.
Client: City Council of Sydney
New Town Centre, Nieuw-Vennep, NL
Design: 2000 –
6 hectare site, urban plan for for a town center for 280 dwellings, 22,500 m2 retail/commercial, 625 parking parking places in collaboration with the city council of Haarlemmermeer
Client: de Woonmaatschappij & the City Council of
La Ville Forêt, Urban Regeneration, Grenoble, F
Design: 2000, International competition: first prize
14 hectare site, 1700 dwellings, 50 000m2 mixed programme.
Client: Europan, City of Grenoble
Tarling Estate, Tower Hamlets, London, UK
Design: 2000 –
1.8 hectare site, 500 dewllings, 8000m2,shops, offices and
supermarket. In collaboration with Stock Woolstencroft
Architects, London
Client: Toynbee Housing Association

Selected Projects: Landscape

‘FlowingParkCity’, Haarlemmermeer, NL
Design: 1999
240 hectare site, redevelopment of site of ‘Floriade 2002’
and surrounding park/farmland.
Invited competition
Client: Municipality of Haarlemmermeer,
‘Dutch Mountain’, Zaandam, NL
Design: 1997
3.6 hectare site, topographical transformation of waste
dump, recreational park, land art.
Client: City of Zaanstad
Bundesgartenschau 2001, Potsdam, D
Design: 1997
162 hectare site, garden for 2001, urban development for
2005. In collaboration with Juurlink en Geluk, Rotterdam.
Invited competition,
Client: City of Potsdam,

Single Family Dwellings

‘3 in 1 House’, Ijburg, Amsterdam, NL
Design: 2001
240 m2 site, 285 m2 house for a private living/working villa
Client: Amstelland Ontwikkeling
Steel Frame Villa, Vijfhuizen, NL
Design: 2001
400 m2 plot Proposal for a 250 m2 house tall dwelling made from steel frame construction
Client: Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
Villa Vijfhuizen, Vijfhuizen, NL
Design: 2000
300 m2 plot, 190 m2 single family dwelling in a dense setting
Client: Dura Bouw Amsterdam

Research Projects

H21C: The Intense City
Research and Design: 2004
End: 2005
Research into the contemporary conditions influencing intense forms of housing and urban expansion in Great Britain in the coming century.
Funded by: Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
NL© the Netherlands Center
Research and Design: 2003
Book: 2004
Research conducted at the Berlage Insitute in Rotterdam in collaboration with developers MAB over the Netherlands largest leisure and retail center (260.000 m2) situated at the center of the country in Geldermasen.
Funded by: MAB and the Berlage Institute
Evolutionary Tower
Groningen, NL
Research and Design: 2003  
Site: .8 ha. Study for a high rise in the middle of an existing housing area in Groningen
Consultant team: S333 Architecture+Urbanism in collaboration with John Fraser
Client: Boekwinkel Gobert Walter
Waste Space - Optimizing Environmentally Charged Amsterdam,, Amsterdam, NL
Research and Design: 2001– 2002
Book: 2003
Urban/architectural study investigating the optimizing
of 47 environmentally hindered sites and areas
in Amsterdam.
Client: “C-Team” - City Council of Amsterdam