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------Art path of Hunter's Valley

Motherboard Architecture

The concept is based on four principles:-
  1. layout pattern (motherboard) for the trees (nodes)
  2. network of voids.
  3. processors (ingredients or furnature that enable the following elements to be ‘plugged-in’ - bar-void, talk-void, sit-void, control-void (control table for sound+light)....others that we might think interesting, intriguing)
  4. atmosphere - sound and light choreography
Together these make up the architecture of the motherboard

The design of the motherboard is a grid field or series of grids for the trees. A small tree in a pot will represent each node on the grid (1000 trees) - specific spaces will be edited as voids in the grid so that there are interesting rooms or qualities to experience within the forest (forest = computer motherboard). The planting of the trees will be significant ...this is the planting of the motherboard

The field of trees will also process people – the network of voids provide a range of different kinds of spaces between the dense digital fields where a sit-void, talk-void or bar-void can be arranged for people to meet, eat, contemplate…
…to communicate through different devices that can process ‘electromagnetic’ data.

In the beginning the computer forest will provide a negative field when the trees are just planted and the void spaces will be much larger positive elements (eg bar-void etc). But in time as the trees grow this will reverse and could become a beautiful place to come and contemplate the stars together amongst the whispering trees…

Event: A moment celebrating the planting of the computerforest will be articulated through the choreography of sound and light revealing strange spaces with odd lighting qualities...and the sounds of the computer-forest reading the information from a tree-core on a record player, linked together with DMX chaser and light mixer.