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------Art path of Hunter's Valley


Kütiorg, part of the Haanja Nature Park, is the largest and most powerful primeval valley in Estonia, washed by the thawing waters of glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. The length of the valley is  4.7 kilometres, width 60-600 m,  depth up to 70 m  (Viru hotel can be concealed in Kütiorg so that only its antennae would show). Iskna stream (also called Haani stream) at the bottom of the valley starts from Vaskna Lake at the foot of Suur Munamägi Hill. The slopes of Kütiorg are dominated by the forest, containing over one hundred years old spruce groves, exceptionally thick and tall aspens and marshy carr. Gullies or tsoris (Suur tsori, Rebäsetsori, Juudijõõratus, etc) channelled by water cut into the slopes of Kütiorg. The Tsoride can be up to 60 m wide, the longest is 370 m and the deepest 20 m. Ancient sacrificial place Tammetsõõr and Ilmamägi are located at the north-eastern side of Kütiorg. Three water mills stand at the bottom of the valley by the Iskna stream, one of which still operates, although now on electricity. Many rare plants, animals and birds live here. They must not be disturbed.